Stop Akita Barking

In general, people think that dogs are born to bark. You may have the same thought. So while you are going to stop your Akita barking, this thought can discourage you. Even you can get the impression that it is impossible to stop barking. You are true up-to certain extent. All the dogs, have to bark, to express their feelings and needs, through voice. Only one breed of dog, named ‘Basenji’, is an exception to it, as it does not bark in the least bit.

If you are planning to stop barking then you must study and analyze the whole cause behind barking. Then and only then we can make our strategies to stop Akita Barking if we fully understand the origin of their urgent desire to bark.

Important Causes of Akita Barking

There can be a great list of the causes behind akita barking quite like other dog-barkings . A dog barks when she is in an exited state of mind. She barks when she is afraid of something. A summation of expectations of a dog starts barking can be as:

Territorial Barking

Alarm Barking

Attention Seeking Barking

Greeting Barking

Frustration Barking

Compulsive Barking

Injury or Illness Related Barking

How to Stop Akita Barking

If your dog started barking, you tried to stop, but she denied and carried on barking, then analyze the behavior to justify its barking. If you keep records then you will find that barking is not justified in more than 90% cases. If the barking is excessive it can be controlled.

Important Questions to Analyze Akita Barking:

If you want to analyze the barking of your dog to stop then find the answers to the following questions:

When does the dog start barking?

What is the object or event the dog is barking at?

Is there a specific trigger?

Do not Confuse Your Dog:

If you find that dog barks because she is feeling a risk to her territory and she is seeking its protection, or similar to it she has got some alarm from someone else, then it is never simple to stop her barking by simply shouting at her. If you try stopping it in such cases then this negative reinforcement of behavior will result into other severe issues of biting or aggressiveness. Your dog is in confusion. She never knows the cause of your yelling. Even if the dog stops barking, the territorial issue remains there.

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Be the Alpha Leader of the Pack:

Here the first thing to keep in your mind is that you must prove yourself as the alpha leader of the pack. You should use various methods to convince your dog that you are the in charge of every thing. She must be convinced that whole household is in your control. In this way her mind will be instilled with the thought that you are responsible for every kind of protection for all things including her things.

Reduce the Feeling of Invasive Threats to Your Dog:

In addition to it you can reduce the causes which make her feel having invasive threats. Let she never sees the mailman. This can be done by drawing the blinds. Stop her seeing into the yard. You can use opaque fences to do it. Never allow her any open access to the windows. This will help you to stop Akita barking.

Stop Akita Barking with Anxiety

If your Akita has anxiety problem then her barking carries an indication of something very big. She desires to be with you all the times and is barking for the whole periods you are not with her.

When you are back to home, she is very much exited. Her excitement drives you to attend her. You attend her immediately to pacify her giving some rewards and treats. This all has created a very big negative reinforcement of the behavior. And the problem is on the day by day increase.

You must change yourself. When you return, ignore her completely for at least 15 minutes. It will quit the association of your return and reward.

You must teach your dog how to speak and remain calm. With the proper commands you will be able to stop Akita barking, because you will have a good control over her behavior to stop barking when barking is not justified. This control will be very much beneficial for you to get alarm on intruders or other similar situations you desire your dog should bark at, and she barks to alert you.

As the community is not well effective to control properly the dog barking, barking can be a curse to the community. So you must have a good control to stop your Akita Barking to avoid the belling at your door the time you return home.