Crate Training Akita

As you are keeping an Akita in your house, it is of great importance to know and learn crate training Akita. It is why every year a huge number of Akita owners feel a severe need to learn how to keep their puppies in a crate or separate small room when they have to be away from home.

The process is quite easy and simple,but very beneficial to control the anxiety and any other negative behavior leading to destruction. It is a proved remedy to the insistence of your Akita to sleep in your bed or on the couch.

How does your Akita value a Crate?

You may be finding an answer to your curiosity that whether majority of Akitas like the crate or not. The answer to assuage the curiosity is that most of them like the crate very much. And you have to keep this important fact in your mind if you are on the way to crate training Akita.

Comfort and safety are two major issues of every creature. Like any other creature dogs also seek them. In the wild the dogs feel themselves warm and safe in the tunnel being small and providing hide. It is why the dogs in large spaces find it difficult to differentiate their ‘home’ from them. This makes them aggressive as they become desirous of controlling and patrolling the whole space.

The Method of Crate Training Akita

When to start Crate Training Akita:

It is ideal to start crate training Akita while it is still a puppy. In higher ages dogs find it difficult to adjust in small places. Although a puppy also experiences some difficulty in adjusting but it is over in very small period. If you have never given her a choice to sleep in your bed then there is almost no hard time for her to adjust in a crate.

Placing Crate during Crate Training Akita:

Keep the crate in a place where there are lot of people for most of the time. For example the family room can be a good choice. At night to make her feel more safe you are suggested to keep the crate in your bed room in nearby you. After four five weeks you can leave the crate in some suitable one place.

Discover How to CRATE TRAIN Your Akita Puppies Now!

Cleanliness and Design:

Before putting your Akita puppy in its crate for crate training akita be sure that inside crate is quite clean. In all respects the crate should be comfortable to sleep. Water to drink and toys to play should be available in the crate. The design and size of the crate should be such that the puppy can sleep and turn around well but can not walk in it. Otherwise your Akita may make mess in it. In nutshell crate should be comfortable but not inhumane.

When to Take Puppy out from the Crate:

For crate training Akita it is important to keep in mind that do not take your puppy out if she feels uneasy. Otherwise your Akita will make out from it that if she will make an angry disturbance then you will pay attention to her and take her out from the crate. During crate training akita, make it guaranteed that, then and only then you will pull the puppy out of the crate, if she is quit for not less than five minutes. And now it is good to give her lot of attention. If she has done well then give her treat to have behavior reinforcement.

Start from small periods and then extend gradually them to leave your Akita puppy in the crate. For example start few minutes and increase up-to one or two hours at a time. Slowly and slowly extend it up-to full hours of sleep at night or a day work.

On the completion of  ‘Crate Training Akita dog ‘ you will be lucky to be confident that your Akita is never loud, destructive or anxious in your absence.