Akita Puppy Training Made Easy

akita puppy training Do you have an Akita puppy at home? If yes, then you might be looking for tips that will help with Akita Puppy Training.

For ease we can divide Akita Puppy Training into three sections. Section first covers the topics: collar, lead and crate; section II covers: feeding schedule, and potty training; the last i.e. The section III covers: commands and socialization. Let we discuss them one by one.

Akita Puppy Training Section I


First, you need to get a collar for your puppy. A strong collar will help you to affix a lead to your pet to make it much easier to identify and hold her.

Clip the lead on the collar, which will allow her to drag it around in order to get accustomed to weight. Once she is comfortable, you can hold the lead lightly while following her around so that she will not become frightened if someone is walking beside her.


Next, you should put her crate in an undisturbed, quiet area at home. When it comes to personal space, these puppies can become somewhat territorial. With the crate in quiet area she will feel more comfortable and will rest in peace. You can also add some toys so that she will not become bored whilst resting.

Akita Puppy Training Section II

Feeding Schedule Pointed By Akita Puppy Training

It is important to establish a regular schedule for feeding in order to monitor her food intake. Try to feed her the same time daily and ensure that clean water is provided at all times.How should you feed to your akitas puppy? Find its answer below in Akita Puppy Training Program’s Week Based Feeding Schedule. This is only basic feeding guide. For specific requirements of your Akita consult your vet.

Week Based Feeding Schedule

The First 3 Weeks-

Never separate any puppy from her mother within first 3 weeks. Her mother knows the best schedule for this time.

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4 to 6 Weeks-

Puppies should start taking some solid food in the 4th week. Mix tree parts food with one part of water. Instead of water better use replacement milk. Feed your puppy in this period 4 times a day.

6 to 8 Weeks-

Feed your puppy during this period 3 times a day.

9 to All Further Weeks-

Feeding should be twice a day.

Akita Puppy Training Section III

Potty Training

Create a section in the yard to use as potty area. A small spot will be enough for the puppy to recognize it as the potty area.

Take the puppy outside regularly to prevent accidents inside the house. Since her body is small and she is still growing, this means regular trips to the potty area. Ensure that your puppy heads outside right after each meal and after waking because she will want to go most at these times. Stand silently and allow her to go with no disruptions.


During the process of Akita Puppy Training, you should use simple commands that will help her to become obedient. Some skills like stay; sit; come; lie down and heel will be very helpful as your puppy gets bigger, so start at young age. It is good idea to start with the lie down command.

For this, you can hold a little snack in your hand, while giving the lie down command. When you move the snack down towards the ground the puppy will follow it. Once she is down, give her the treat with some compliments. Continue doing this until she is lying down without the treat.


Finally, you can interact socially with your puppy by going on regular trips. Akita puppies could be relatively timid when they are not allowed to visit different locations and meet people, so as soon as she gets vaccinated you can take on your outdoor excursions. We hope you must have liked this article ‘Akita Puppy Training Made Easy’.